Product Categories

  • TSI Fire Appliance Flow Meters

    With a TSI flow meter fitted to a fire pump, the pump operator has full control over incoming and outgoing water supplies, thereby enhancing firefighter safety.
  • Hydrant Flow Meters

    Designed to assist the Fire and Water Services. The flow meter is used to test fire fighting infrastructure including hydrants, pumps, branches and hoses, and to flush water mains.
  • Flow Meter Accessories

    We provide a comprehensive stock of replacement parts for the Flowmaster range. Also available are adaptors suitable for BS Inst, BSP, NH and other connections.

Our Key Clients

Galway County Council

“We began flushing water mains in year 2010 and purchased the Flowmaster 250DL to allow us set the optimum flow rate to achieve most efficient flushing. We have been very pleased with the Flowmaster and purchased additional units”

David Donlon, Water Services, Galway County Council

Larsen Water Management

“We exclusively use TSI portable flow meters for our hydrant test technicians. We know we can rely on the meter to work and for the meter not to become damaged by debris in the water. The traceability of the results back to a National Standard gives our customers comfort in the service they receive from us.”

David Smith, Managing Director, Larsen Water Management

Brandschutztechnik Müller GmbH

“Brandschutztechnik Müller GmbH has been selling the TSI portable flow meter products in Germany since the year 2001. TSI Flowmeters Ltd products are very well received on the market and we have always found TSI Flowmeters to be a reputable company with which to do business.”

Günter Opfermann, Brandschutztechnik Müller GmbH

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

“We recognised several years ago that we need to put fires out more efficiently and flow meters are helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and put out fires more efficiently. I would strongly recommend every fire service investigates flow meters for the future.”

Dr Jim Marsden from Greater

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

TSI have been a major assistance to Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service throughout this development work and we look forward to continuing this excellent relationship in working on future projects and development of flow.”

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

“We’ve been very pleased with the results and we have now specified TSI flow meters in all future builds as we are making the absolute best use of the water resources we have. Flow meters are a real move forward in fire-fighter safety.”

Bill Brewster, engineering manager with East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service

Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service

“When you purchase fuel at the garage you are given two pieces of information; litres and price. You wouldn’t buy fuel without both pieces of information. When you pump water, you need both flow and pressure information. It’s as simple as that.”

Alan Gawne, Transport Officer with Isle of Man

Mahyuddin Bin Alias

“The Flowmaster 250 is a robust, reliable but simple to use measuring instrument. Just ‘Plug and Read. The product is technically superior and its cost efficient”

Mahyuddin Bin Alias, Perisai Cekap Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

How TSI Flow Meters Work?

How TSI Flowmeters Work
Our products are designed with the latest in flow meter technology. They use an electromagnetic sensor containing no moving parts which can measure water flow in litres or in gallons per minute. Now available with CanBus interface for connection to pump controller.

Why TSI?

With over 20 years’ experience TSI are the market leaders in providing innovative water management and delivery solutions to Fire and Rescue Services. Our unique technology provides constant, accurate information over a wide range of flow (30-5000 LPM) on a clear and easy to read digital display.

We use the latest in flow meter technology to support greater fire fighter safety, efficiency and environmental outcomes. We do this by transforming thinking about the way water is managed, giving you greater control over operational planning.

  • Precision design and manufacture
  • Specialists within the Fire and Water Services
  • Global presence in 30 countries
  • Carbon footprint reduction through product efficiencies
  • Improved safety benefits for fire fighters