• Cheshire FRS Year 2012
  • Hydrant to Pump Flow Sensors’
  • Wicklow Fire Services Year 2013
  • LP, HP and Incoming Solution
  • Close up of flow sensor installed close to tank valve. Note the three way collecting head
  • DL600 data logger
  • High Pressure Hose Reel Flow Meter
  • Total flow in and total flow out gauges which are driven by the data logger
  • Nottingham FRS Year 2014

Improved safety when branch is out of sight of the pump operator

Essential equipment for breathing apparatus wearers. By adding flow meters to the high pressure hose reels you can guarantee the correct flow rates in all situations. Essential for tactical firefighting.

The primary driver for this work was the safety of firefighters and to ease the operation of the pump. It was quickly established by the team that there were also some considerable environmental benefits from developing flow into and out of the fire appliances.
Mr Trevor Tarlton-Weatherall, Group Manager, Head of Equipment Engineering Team, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service where every front line appliance has flow meters from TSI Flowmeters Ltd in the pump bay.