TSI Flowmeters

About TSI

We work to develop innovative disruptive solutions that pave the way to a better system management for our clients in the Fire & Rescue and Water Utilities Sector.

Established in 1999, TSI Flowmeters have become a market leader in the provision of Flow and Pressure Measurement instruments. Manufactured in the Rep of Ireland by our skilled product development and manufacturing team.


Our solutions provide the next generation of precise Flow Rate, Volume, Pressure and Turbidity Measurement at the hydrant.

Our mission - to provide solution that deliver Efficient, Effective Sustainable Management in our clients network systems.

We achieve this through a model of continuous Process Innovation in our product development and system solutions designs.


  • Specialists within the Water Utility/Municipal and Fire and Rescue Services 
  • Carbon footprint reduction through product efficiencies 
  • Ease of use and portability 

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