About TSI

TSI Flowmeters Ltd. is the world’s leading provider of digital flowmeters, uniquely engineered to measure precise flow rates in pipes and tubes.  Established in Ireland since 1999, we now supply businesses round the world with sophisticated flow-rate technology.  Our flow meters have become standard in the fire emergency industry for use on appliances, especially in England, Ireland, Germany and New Zealand.  We also provide robustly-made portable flowmeters for testing hydrants, pumps and fire-fighting equipment and for     evaluating water main capacity.

In addition, we are expanding and growing our service in the water utilities industry, particularly where there is a need for flushing and guaranteed flow rates to meet regulatory requirements.  TSI flowmeters are available directly from us or through our expanding network of strategic channel partners across more than 30 countries.

To find out more, please contact Tim Carew on + (353) 57 866 3852.