About TSI

At TSI Flowmeters…

We understand the value of time.
•    Our industry-leading portable digital flowmeters provide a plug and play solution.
•    Our solution delivers rapid deployment, typical installation and configuration in under 5 minutes.
•    Our multifunctional units are the meter of choice in 12 countries for Fire & Rescue and Water Utility service providers.
•    Our meters are engineered to the highest industry standards, measuring flow rates, volume, pressure and turbidity of water at the hydrant in real time.

We understand the importance of data.
•    Our patented mobile app delivers real time data analytics in the palm of your hand, with immediate operational validation reporting.
•    Our Dashboard Reporting Suite delivers customisable data reports and data driven insights to enhance system operations and network management.
•    Our real time track and trace dashboard reporting enables site specific, unit specific report generation.

We understand the value of innovation.
•    At TSI, we collaborate closely with our customers and industry partners to evolve, develop, refine and deliver innovative solutions for tomorrow.
•    Driving increased operational efficiency, our solutions deliver value in real time network system management.

To find out more, please contact Tim Carew on + (353) 57 866 3852.