Flowmaster 250 MK2

• Ease of Use
• Electromagnetic Sensor - No Moving Parts
• High Accuracy - Digital Pressure +/- 1% of Range
• Flowrate Accuracy: 98%
• Battery Monitor Displays Remaining Operating Time
• Internal Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery - Up to 10 Hours Working Time Robust Construction

The Flowmaster 250 MK2 provides the most reliable and accurate flow and pressure measurements at every water drawing off point. It is ideal for producing verifiable and traceable data for your reports.

Measures flow rates up to 3000 LPM and pressures up to 25 bar.The electro-magnetic sensor has no moving parts which in turn means that measurements are not affected by debris in the water stream.

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 10 hours operation.
12 V DC, 2.6 Ah, separate Li-Ion charger included with delivery.
Optional External Battery Bank to Extend Operating Times

Working temperature: -10 to +50°C.
Connections: BS Instantaneous Male Inlet, BS Instantaneous Female Outlet Dimensions: 210 mm height, 240 mm width, 390 mm depth.
Weight: 12.5 kg Housing: Aluminium.

Flow Meter:
Type: Electromagnetic.
Operating range: 30-3000 LPM
Accuracy: 30 to 750 L/min ± 15 L/min, >750 L/min ±2%.
Standard functions: Display of current flow rate, display of volume. Display Type: 320x240 Backlit Graphic Color Display
Pressure Transducer : Operating Range: 0 - 25 bar / 0-350PSI (±1%)