Flowmaster 250 plus 'Pulse Output'

• Portable
• Pulse Output
• Flowrates -Accuracy – 98%
• Ease of use
• No Mechanical Parts
• Not affected by debris in water
• No Ghost Readings
• Robust

Flowmaster 250, hydrant flow and pressure test instrument – Model 34-2007

Easy and simple to use everywhere.

The TSI Flowmaster provides the most reliable and accurate flow and pressure measurements. Invaluable for hydrant testing, pump testing, flushing and water main condition testing. Simply attach, switch on and take flow and pressure readings. Saves time and money.

Measures flow rates up to 3,000 lpm and pressures up to 25 bar. The electromagnetic sensor has no moving parts – measurement is not affected by debris in the water stream. Weighing only 12kg, the TSI Flowmaster has a convenient carry handle contributing to its overall ease use.

“The Flowmaster 250 is a robust, reliable but simple to use measuring instrument. Just ‘Plug and Read. The product is technically superior and its cost efficient”


Model No. 34-2007
Power Supply: Internal battery pack 12V DC, 2.2 Ah for 10 hours continuous operation. Separate charging device included
Operating temperature: -10 to +50 ºC Working pressure 16 bar, maximum pressure 25 bar.
Weight: 12.5kg.
Dimensions: 210 (H) x 240 (W) x 390 (L) mm

Output Signal:

Digital pulse output


Type: Bourdon tube
Operating Range: 0 to 25 bar, ±1%, 60mm dial, dual bar/psi gauge.
See Flowmaster 250DL if the 0-25 bar digital pressure transducer with bright LED readout of pressure is preferred. (Model No. 34-2005)
Adapters: 2.5” BS Inst. M/F or 2.5” BSP male thread as standard.
Flanged to 4” BSP male or to ¾” male tapered adaptors also available.
Housing: LM25 aluminium.
Colour: Red RAL 3020/natural aluminium.


Type: Electromagnetic
Operating Range: 30 to 3,000 lpm
Can be extended to 5,000 lpm.
Accuracy: >750lpm: ±15lpm. < 750lpm: ± 2%

Digital readout of flow rate.

4-digit backlit LCD display

17.6mm digit size

Bar chart of flow reading

LPM or US GPM display.


Display of current flow rate

Display of total volume used.


OPTIONS (extra charge)

TRANSPORT CASE (Model No. 34-2104)

Transport case with castor wheels and extension handle. Internal foam moulded to shape of Flowmaster and with cutouts for accessories. Weight 7kg.

ADAPTORS (Specify when ordering)
For UK: 2.5” BS Inst. M/F
For North America: 2.5” NH
For EU: 2.5” BSP male thread, Storz 65, Storz B. other types such as Goast, Nor available on request.
For Hose reels: 3⁄4” or 1” BSP