Flowmaster_PFT NephNet

• Flow, Turbidity and Pressure
• Measurements All-in-One Unit
• Simultaneously Logs Flow, Turbidity and Pressure
• App to Send Log Files to Cloud
• Robust Compact and Portable
• One-Man Lift device

All-in-one Measurement Device with secure electronic data collection and cloud storage
The Flowmaster_PFT NephNet provides the most reliable and accurate Pressure, Flow and Turbidity measurements. Ideal for live measurements and for producing verifiable and traceable data for your reports.

Measures flow rates to 50 lps, turbidity to 400 NTU, pressure to 25 bar. No moving parts which in turn means that measurements are not affected by debris in the water stream.

Internal Data Logger: Record up to 150 hours of flow, pressure & turbidity readings
Battery power supply: rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, 10 hours operation time
12V DC, 2.6 Ah, separate Li-Ion charger included with delivery
Optional External Battery Bank to Extend Operating Time
Working temperature: -10 to +50°C
Connections: Storz 65 swivel Inlet, Storz 65 fixed Outlet
Dimensions: 210 mm height, 240 mm width, 520 mm depth
Weight: 14 kg. Housing: Aluminium
Flow Meter Type: Electromagnetic
Operating Range: 30-3000 LPM
Accuracy: 30 to 750 L/min ± 15 L/min, >750 L/min ±2%
Turbidity Sensor: Badger Meter ATI UK NephNet
Turbidity Range: 0-400 NTU
Standard Functions: Display of flow rate, pressure and turbidity
Display Type: 320x240 pixel Backlit Graphic Colour Display
Pressure Transducer: Operating Range: 0 - 25 bar / 0-350PSI (±1%)