FLOWPOD Mini - Testing Domestic Meters

• Verifying Domestic Water Supply Flow and Pressure
• Testing Fire Hose Reels

The FlowPod_Mini provides the most reliable and accurate flow and pressure measurements. Ideal for producing verifiable and traceable data for your reports.

Measures flow rate from 1 to 100 lpm, pressure to 25 bar. No moving parts, meaning measurements are not affected by debris in the water stream.

Internal Data Logger: Record Up to 12 Hours of Flow and Pressure Readings

Battery power supply: rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 8 hours operation time.

12 V DC, 2.6 Ah, separate Li-Ion charger included in delivery.

Optional External Battery Bank to Extend Operating Times

Working temperature: -10 to +50°C.

Connections: 1" Male BSP Inlet, 1" BSP Male/Valve Outlet

Dimensions: 210 mm height, 240 mm width, 390 mm depth.

Weight: 7 kg Housing: Aluminium.

Flow Meter:

Type: Electromagnetic.

Operating range: 1-100 litres per minute.

Accuracy: ±1%

Standard functions: Display of current flow rate, volume & pressure.

Display Type: 320x240 Backlit Graphic Color Display

Pressure Transducer: Operating Range: 0 - 16 bar / 0-225PSI (±1%)