High Pressure Flowmeters

• This solution provides a number of key safety benefits, especially in situations where the branch is out of sight of the pump operator.
• Real-time, accurate information about what the branchman is flowing

  1. High Pressure Flowmeters:
    1. Application – what are they? -  Give examples where possible

               Use small hose 19mm for high pressure

    1. Used for small fires
    2. Quick attack
    3. Is the fire officer getting water and how much? Is he getting enough?
    4. If there is not enough water remove the fire officer from the situation
    5. Fire in rural areas:

Time lapse between the arrival of the fire Appliance and the support water tank appliance.  Allows for control and efficient water usage of what is available in the water tank situated in the fire appliance.


    1. What are the key benefits?
  1. Control of water usage
  2. Efficient use of water
  3. Safety of the fire officer in a high risk enviorment