TSI Test Bed Facility

TSI Flowmeter's state of the art test bed facility allows us to correctly and accurately calibrate the Flowmaster range of flow meters, along with other flow meter brands and to the INAB standard. Due to the level of technology within the testing/calibration bed, TSI can calibrate, recalibrate or test a flow meter at any time, in a highly efficient manner.

Flow Meter Calibration & Recalibration

Flow meter calibration is the process of comparing the readings and measurements of a flow meter under normal operating conditions to the measurements taken by a standard / base flow measurement unit. The measurements of the device for calibration are adjust and scaled to be in agreement with the standard meter.

Recalibration is an essential part of a meter's maintenance as readings may creep ‘out of phase’ over time due to a variety of reasons such as conditions, amount of use, and the substance being measured etc.

The main difference between calibrating and recalibrating a meter is that here at TSI, flow calibration is completed during our initial build and checks of the meter. Recalibration is done after time, where the flow meter has been operational for a while, and must be checked to ensure that all readings are correct and accurate.